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Superior Massacre Poster

Seeking older projects, I found this old poster I designed for Radio X, Northern Michigan University's College Radio Station. I believe this was made in 2002. At the time I didn't have much experience working with graphic design, I believe it was my first year in the program. I was assigned the task to create a poster for the event "Superior Massacre" a concert featuring metal bands. Considering this was one of the first couple posters I designed I think I did an OK job.

I don't think something like this would fly in today's climate. Considering how many things have happened at schools and gun violence in the past couple of years. That aside, I am proud of this little poster. It is a small piece of my design journey.

In 2019 I will feature more blog posts and retrospectives from my earlier design travels. From earlier school pieces, experimental videos, and illustration work I have had a wide array of creative experiences. I hope you'll enjoy the ride.

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