Who am I?

My name is Selena Potila and I am a multimedia designer, illustrator and musician.  I grew up in the small town of Skandia, Michigan and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Imaging (now known as Computer Aided Design) from Northern Michigan University 2006.


I have been artistic in several ways since a very young age.  Acting, singing, painting and drawing were a focus in my youth.  In middle adolescence, I branched my talents into instruments. Later, into adulthood, I began recording music for college cinema projects.


Curiosity is a large part of my production.

Innovations in technology are constantly on my mind. 

I consistently learn new ways to improve and incorporate new programs or techniques into my craft.  


My thirst for knowledge is an obsession, which isn't only applied to new techniques, but that of old masters.  I am also an avid watercolor and acrylic painter.