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Courage Incorporated Facebook Post

Courage Incorporated

May 2, 2017

Courage Incorporated shares a facebook post about their behind-the-scenes contributor.

We'd like to offer a word of thanks to a behind-the-scenes contributor. Thank you to Selena Hautamaki! Without her, we would be having a bit of an identity crisis....

You see, Selena designed our logo. She put in the time and effort to create something that defines our group; then she gave it to us. But that isn't all she's done. You see, having a logo is cool, but what about when we need to digitize it for print? What if we want to make t-shirts with it? What about embroidery? All of these different "needs" present challenges with image quality and clarity - and Selena solves those challenges for us. She has reworked our logo multiple times spending her own time to do it. When we reach out to her, she is MORE than helpful. She is enthusiastic to be able to help out...and that means the world to us. Having people like Selena on our side makes this whole effort just a little easier. So, for that, THANK YOU Selena!

To see more of what Selena can do, please go check out her portfolio at

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