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Strega Nonna's New Years Meatball Drop

Written by Selena Potila

Strega Nonna, located on Iron Street in Negaunee, celebrated New Year’s with a unique tradition: the meatball drop. As patrons gathered, anticipation filled the air. The star of the show? A hefty 30-pound Italian delicacy named Matilda. Cook Aaron Nordman gently raised Matilda into the air, only to lower her into a bubbling cauldron of tomato sauce.

The crowd, positioned in the splash zone, eagerly awaited the meatball’s fate. Would it plunge into the sauce or defy expectations? This inaugural event held an air of mystery.

As the countdown began, Nordman carefully lowered the steamy meat sphere, cradled in a pasta strainer hammock, into its tomato jacuzzi. The colander tilted, and the ball descended beside its bubbling bed. Owner Rachel Grossman couldn’t contain her surprise and excitement as she assisted Matilda into the boiling cauldron, exclaiming, “Matilda is going to make it!”

After the descent, customers lined up for a taste of Matilda. The verdict? Delicious and moist, truly an Italian delight.

What an unconventional and beefy way to ring in the new year!

Strega Nonna's New Years Meatball Drop
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