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Tadych Marketplace grand re-opening

Written by Selena Potila

Tadych Marketplace reopened on October 5 following a significant renovation. The store, located at 1401 O’Dovero Drive, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday.

During the ceremony, attendees enjoyed cake samples and explored demo tables showcasing local volunteers. 

Danielle Peterson, representing Marquette Legion Baseball, expressed their partnership with Tadych Marketplace for fundraising opportunities. She shared, “We’ve had a couple of our baseball players here today working some of the sample tables, some of the parents working some sample tables. Getting the boys out to learn volunteering. This is one of my main grocery stores to shop. I’ve been coming here for 20-plus years and I love to see the new improvements here.”

Isaac Sarles commented on the positive impact of volunteering: “It’s just really nice to volunteer, help out the team and help out the store and just get our name out there. I’ve been coming here ever since I was young and it’s just great to see the improvements.”

The public has warmly received the store’s new features. According to store manager Dan Parvu, “Really this whole store is new.” Notably, the store boasts a refreshed produce department, new fixtures, coolers, a dry misting system, deli department coolers, and even a Caribou Coffee—the first in the U.P. Additionally, the bakery facilities have been completely overhauled, including new ovens.

Tadych’shas also introduced additional self-checkouts for customer convenience. These self-checkouts allow shoppers to scan, bag, and pay for their items without waiting in line or interacting with a cashier. Customer reactions have been positive. Kenny Jackson expressed surprise, saying, “I actually never knew they had a self-checkout, so that’s actually awesome to know now that if I come here I can just do it myself. I’ve always loved the idea of self-checkouts.” Meanwhile, Genvieve, another customer, appreciates the convenience, stating, “I think they’re super convenient. I have social anxiety. It’s just more chill. I like it better.”

Tadych’s Marketplace, following a significant renovation, now offers an array of grab-and-go items for shoppers seeking a quick bite. Whether consumers are in a rush or their taste buds crave something tasty, Tadych’s has them covered.

Another customer, who is also employed at the location, shared their sentiments: “I’ve been shopping here my entire life. It’s really nice to see it get remodeled. It’s really nice to see this store get the remodel it deserves, especially putting in a Caribou Coffee. I’ve loved this company my entire life, and I’m very excited there’s one finally here in Marquette,” remarked Josh Tyler, Assistant Manager of Caribou Coffee.

Dennis Host, Senior Vice President of Marketing, concurred: “As you walk in, you can tell that the whole store is newly improved. Brand-new updated produce cases, a large new produce department, a new floral department, and the U.P.’s first Caribou Coffee. New enhancements extend to the deli and bakery. The meat department has also expanded a little bit. Overall, we’ve polished up the store—freshening the whole thing up. It’s amazing what you can do with a can of paint and a little bit of decor to freshen up a store like this. We certainly look forward to inviting our guests back into the store.”

Tadych’s Marketplacehas undergone a remarkable transformation, emerging as a fresh and inviting shopping destination. With its expanded offerings, patrons can enjoy a seamless experience. The store’s commitment to community involvement, as highlighted by local volunteers and employees, adds a heartwarming touch. As shoppers step into the newly improved space, they’ll find a blend of tradition and innovation—a testament to the enduring spirit of this beloved grocery store.

Tadych Marketplace grand re-opening
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