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Tekken Tournament at Four Swords Retropub draws gamers and spectators

Written by Selena Potila

Four Swords Retro Pub, a new arcade and ramen bar located in downtown Marquette, recently hosted its inaugural Tekken tournament on Thursday. The event drew a crowd of gaming enthusiasts and spectators, all eager to experience the excitement of competitive play in this popular fighting game.

The tournament featured eight skilled players, each engaging in single-elimination matches. As the rounds progressed, only two finalists remained. The matches were projected onto a large screen, allowing all spectators to follow the intense action.

The finalists, Soy Latte and Twin Tail Fox, both local Tekken enthusiasts, engaged in a best-of-three match. Their gameplay was riveting and closely contested, with both players showcasing their expertise and strategic prowess. The crowd erupted in cheers and gasps as they exchanged blows and executed combos.

Ultimately, Soy Latte emerged as the victor. When asked about his experience, Soy Latte expressed his enjoyment of face-to-face competition at the Retro Pub. He also revealed his impressive standing, stating, “I don't mean to brag. I'm like, top 50 in the United States right now with this game. I haven't told anyone in there. Don't let them know.”

Gamer Eyemasked highlighted the significance of in-person tournaments at the Retropub. She emphasized the essence of connecting with fellow gaming enthusiasts, saying, “This is the heart of what fighting games are: in-person tournaments. Just hanging out with people, meeting people, playing sets, being competitive. I guess that’s just what I’m looking for—competition, to have fun, and to meet friends. ”

Anthony Lewis, owner of Four Swords Retropub, shared the motivation behind opening the arcade. He emphasized that the Retro Pub is an inclusive space where everyone is welcome. According to Lewis, his passion for video games dates back to his childhood, and over the years, he has collected various gaming machines.

The idea of opening an arcade became more than just a joke—it evolved into a reality. Lewis expressed enthusiasm about the diverse crowd that frequents the establishment, from young kids to older gamers. The Retro Pub fosters an environment where people share their gaming experiences. Lewis stated “It’s awesome seeing younger kids, older kids, and seeing people teaching each other about the games and the different stuff that they used to play when they were younger, or learning about new games together.”  The venue is family-friendly, inviting people across the spectrum from kids to grandparents to join in the fun.

The Four Swords Retropub, located in the Masonic Mall at 130 West Washington Street, officially opened its doors on January 13th. Serving as a vibrant hub for gaming enthusiasts, it offers a delightful fusion of Japanese cuisine, including miso shiitake ramen and gyoza. Regularly hosting video game tournaments, special events, and weekly fight nights, the Retropub resonates with cheers as Soy Latte celebrates victory—a testament to the camaraderie, competition, and joy found in in-person gaming. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a curious newcomer, the Retro Pub invites you to join the fun and create lasting memories.

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Tekken Tournament at Four Swords Retropub draws gamers and spectators
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